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Access to topical revision quizzes, community network, live classes

Topical revision quizzes

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$20 per month

Premium Access

In addition to basic access, you now now have unlimited access to 

Topical revision quizzes

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Full Refund Within 7 Days

We know students have fun answering quizzes on our platform. It makes revising open-ended questions way more interactive.


But in the case that you don't find the platform useful, you can request for a full refund. As long as it is within 7 days. No questions asked.

We only request your child to complete at least two quizzes on the platform.

How Do I Pay?

Choose either bank transfer or PayNow. Send a screenshot of the transaction to our team at 8753 2961 with your child's account username. 

We'll upgrade your account to a premium membership within 1 day. Your child will have access to the full set of quizzes on the platform.

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