Primary 3 to Primary 6 Science

4 in 5 students score above 80 in exams

Practise 10 open-ended questions every day - model answers provided.

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"My kid does 10 open-ended questions every other day. I don't even have to force him to do it. He's also learning how to answer better with the model answers."
- Jane, parent
“I like Ottodot Science because it is fun to do.”
- Justin, TKPS P6

Topical Revision Quizzes

Practise open-ended questions from past year papers.


Include past year papers from:

ACS, MGS, Maris Stella, NYPS, RGPS, Rosyth School, Rulang, Tao Nan and more.


Model Answers

Compare your child's answer against the model answer provided.



Explanation Videos

Coming Soon

Learn how to identify the topics tested in the question and apply the right keywords.


Win Prizes

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Earn mission coins as you answer questions. Advance on the leaderboard. Win attractive prizes.

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