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Email: info@ottodot.com 

Whatsapp: 8753 2961

Locations: Bukit Batok, Hougang, Jurong East, Marine Parade

Office: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-308, Marina Square, 039594


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Help your child discover their love for learning

We're all about Science.

Our team is focused on helping your child master Science and unlock their inquisitive mind and confidence.


At Ottodot Science classes, students enjoy learning Science with hands-on experiments and personalised coaching. This enthusiasm for learning will spur them to work harder, in school and at home.


Their learning progress will only spiral up from here.


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Our Approach

Master Science

Learn and apply science knowledge through engaging hands-on experiments.

Our tutors will work 1-on-1 with your child in class to uncover any misconceptions, before the misconceptions build up to a weak foundation for PSLE. 

Get Ready

Learn how to analyse novel scenarios given in open-ended questions

Practise using Science keywords and apply Science concepts to the right context. 

All while ensuring that your child enjoy learning Science.

Go beyond

Develop creative and critical thinking by applying their Science knowledge through mini Science projects

Explain Science concepts and logical thought processes to the tutor and the class.

Develop confidence beyond the classroom.


"never a boring moment in our class"

Student, P4

The boss mission was the toughest, but I kept trying and managed to figure it out in the end. The game quizzes refreshed my understanding of the concepts I have learned in school.

Mum, P3 son

I was quite amazed with the learning activities. My son usually have problems focusing for even 5 minutes managed to focus for more than an hour. I've never seen him so focused before.

Student, P3

Initially it was difficult because I haven't learnt the concepts involved. I tried different methods with a friend and we managed to figure it out together. 

revision guide 

Ottodot's curriculum team has put together a revision guide on the topic of 'Light' to help your child with exam preparation.