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Get Better Exam Results


Our students score an average of 85 out of 100 in their SA2 exams.

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Learn better by making and sharing videos 


It takes under 30s to create a video.

Your child will be guided through Harvard University’s systematic Visible Thinking learning framework.


It is a set of thinking routines that is designed to encourage active processing to deepen content learning while cultivating thinking skills and dispositions.

Learn confidently with bite-size concepts 

Each topic in the PSLE Science syllabus is broken down into bite-size concepts.


Create a video to explain each concept. Work on exam questions from top schools to further deepen learning.

Choose to work on weaker topics or cover every topic. It’s your choice. 

Learn To Use Keywords
In Exams

Get your child to practise using keywords to explain science concepts as he creates his own creative videos. 


Students on our platform use 7 Science keywords on average in each video.


Learn faster with other kids

See what common mistakes are. View other kids’ answers and learn from their mistakes. 

Our students also love answering questions. They get likes for giving the best answer.


As they complete more questions, they earn coins and get onto the leaderboard.  


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