A game for learning science. Designed for 7-12 YOs

The animals are frozen in time to stop them from going extinct. Do YOU have what it takes to save them?

Designed for

7 to 12 year olds

Ottoworld: Save The Animals is a science game designed for kids 7 to 12 year olds. Play and learn interesting facts about different animals!


New animals will be added every two weeks.

how well do you know zebras?

Learn interesting animal facts

In order to save the animals, you have to answer challenging questions and place them in the correct habitats. This game contains 140 cool facts about different animals. You’ll learn cool facts that no one really knows!

explore 2.jpg

Explore the world

Visit the zebra track, penguin enclosure and other corners in the zoo. Teleport to the African savannah, the wetland or to the School.

Our game is constantly evolving

Launched our first online game experience - Ottodot Science Quest

Hit 110 hours of game testing

Launched game on Roblox

We'll be updating the game every two weeks.

More fun, more learning!

May 2020

Built seven prototypes of the game

Oct 2020