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science games

Mastery every Science concept. For kids 5-12 year olds.


Our science games are designed based on the MOE science syllabus. Your child can play at home, at their own pace.


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Play At Home

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18-20 Game Levels

Lifetime access to our games

You don't have to pay monthly. Pay once to access the game forever. Your child can keep on playing the game.

Games Available:

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Electric Cloud

Topic: Electrical Systems

Concept: What are electrical conductors? What are electrical insulators?

Living VS NonLiving Things _WithNoTitle.jpg

Living Thing vs Non-Living Things

Topic: Living & Non-Living Things

Concept: What are living things? What are non-living things? 

Conveyor Sorting_WithNoTitle.jpg

Conveyor Sorting

Topic: Matter And Its Three States

Concept: What are the three states of matter and their properties?

Monitor your child's learning progress

You can monitor what mistakes your child is making on our parent portal. So you'll know what they’re doing in the game easily.

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