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Science Games

Kids love Roblox. That's why we design Roblox science games based on the Singapore MOE Primary School Science syllabus. 

Instead of using assessment books, reinforce learnings in school with games.


Overview of Ottodot Science Games

Here are some of our Science Games

LT vs NLT.gif
Topic: Diversity - Living things vs Non-Living Things

Sort out living or non-living things. Access 20 levels with different kinds of living and non-living things. Test your living and non-living thing knowledge on the quiz levels!

Learning objectives:

  • What are living things?

  • What do living things need in order to survive?

  • What are non-living things?

  • What are once alived non-living things?

Conveyor Sorting.gif
Topic: Matter and Its Three States

Sort items based on the 3 states of matter. Access 20 levels with crazy obbys and test your knowledge on the quiz levels!

Learning objectives:

  • What is matter?

  • What is non-matter?

  • What are the three states of matter?

whack a plant.gif
Topic: Classification of Plants

Explore different environments and whack plants that do not belong in the habitat. Access 14 levels with different kinds of plants!

Learning objectives:

  • What are living things?

  • What do living things need in order to survive?

Leaky Boat.gif
Topic: Materials

The boat is sinking, fix it with the right materials around the ship!

Learning objectives:

  • What are some of the properties of different materials?

  • How do you test the strength of a material?

  • How do you test the flexibility of a material?

  • How do you test if a material can float?

  • How do you test if a material is waterproof?

  • How do you test if a material is transparent?

  • What are the materials that made up different objects?

magnetic mania.gif
Topic: Magnets

Get past the field of magnetic and non-magnetic Objects by avoiding magnetic objects and getting to the finish line.

Learning objectives:

  • What is a magnet

  • What are the characteristics of a magnet?

  • What are some magnetic materials?

  • What are some non-magnetic materials?

Electric Cloud.gif
Topic: Electrical Conductors and Insulators

Hop on electrical insulators to prevent getting electrocuted!

Learning objectives:

  • What are electrical conductors?

  • What are electrical insulators?

  • What are some electrical conductors and insulators among common household items?

Ice Flames.gif
Topic: Effects of Heat Gain and Heat Loss

Use either a flamethrower or freeze gun to manipulate different obstacles to get to the finish line. Play this obby game now!

Learning objectives:

  • What is heat?

  • What are some sources of heat?

  • What is temperature?

  • What are some effects of heat gain and heat loss in our daily lives?

  • How does matter change in state when it gains or loses heat?

Topic: Classification of Animals

Space Agent! It's your mission to sort different types of animals back to their habitats!

Learning objectives:

  • What are the different types of animals?

  • How can we classify animals?

  • What are notable features of each animal classification?

  • What are the different types of habitats?

Topic: Digestive System

Run across the digestive system and avoid different obstacles to reach the finish line!

Learning objectives:

  • What is the digestive system?

  • What organs make up the digestive system?

  • How do the organs in the digestive system work together?

  • What happens to the food inside the body?

fungal stompers.gif
Topic: Useful and Harmful Fungi

Spread and maintain useful fungi throughout the entire level by stepping on tiles. Collect power ups and avoid harmful fungi!

Learning objectives:

  • What is fungi?

  • Where can we find fungi?

  • What are useful fungi?

  • What are harmful fungi?

Topic: Parts of a Plant

Defeat various insects while collecting different parts of plants. Dodge attacks, collect power ups, and defeat bosses to form different plants!

Learning objectives:

  • What are the parts of a plant?

  • What are the functions of each part of the plant?

  • What are the different types of plants?

Topic: Properties of Materials

Collect different kinds of materials needed to make items before the timer runs out.

Learning objectives:

  • How do we choose the right materials to make an object?

  • What are the different types of materials?

  • What are the properties of materials?

Topic: Light Energy

Explore each room and solve puzzles using different kinds of transparent, translucent and opaque materials to escape. Watch out for light monsters that will appear!

Learning objectives:

  • How does light interact with different materials? 

  • What are transparent, translucent and opaque materials?

Topic: Diversity of Materials

Jump across different platforms to choose materials for the questions.

Learning objectives:

  • What are the different types of materials?

  • What are the sources of materials?

  • What items can be made using materials?

Topic: Sources of Light

Collect different light source ammo for your light gun and defeat the ghosts!

Learning objectives:

  • What are the different sources of light?

  • What objects give off light?

  • What animals give off light?

Topic: The Human Body System

You’re an agent and your mission is to escape the body system of a giant! Test your knowledge on body systems by choosing the correct door that leads to the next room.

Learning objectives:

  • What is a body system?

  • What is an organ?

  • What are some organ systems in our body?

Gametitle (1).png
P3 Evo Frenzy Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Life Cycle of Animals

Collect orbs around different habitats as animals and evolve! Answer questions about the life cycle of animals and discover how animals change!

Learning objectives:

  • What is a life cycle?

  • How do animals give birth?

  • How do animals evolve?

P4 Heat Trail Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Heat Energy

Make your way to the finish line before the lave rises! Identify the different conductors of heat to avoid falling into lava!

Learning objectives:

  • What is a conductor?

  • What are good conductors of heat?

  • What are poor conductors of heat?

P5 Circulatory Rush Video Trailer.gif
Topic: The Circulatory System

Deliver oxygen to specific organs, and find your way through the map! Answer questions about the circulatory system to get more time to deliver!

Learning objectives:

  • What is the circulatory system?

  • What are the parts of the circulatory system?

  • What does the circulatory system do for our body?

Topic: Life Cycle of Plants

Plant and grow different plants to defend the tree of life from incoming waves of enemies!

Learning objectives:

  • What is the life cycle of plants?

  • What are the three stages of plants?

  • What is Germination?

Topic: Sources of Heat

Race your way through the cold environments by going through portals and choosing the correct source of heat before freezing completely!

Learning objectives:

  • What are sources of heat?

  • What are examples of sources of heat?

P3 Polarity Blitz Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Magnet Polarity

Go through different obbys to collect magnets and choose specific poles to attract other poles!

Learning objectives:

  • What are magnets?

  • What are the characteristics of magnets?

  • How do different magnet poles react to each other?

P4 Thermo Trials Trailer.gif
Topic: Heat Transfer

Solve heat puzzles by activating and fixing machines. Try to finish the level within the time limit!

Learning objectives:

  • What is heat?

  • What is temperature?

  • How do we measure temperature?

  • How does heat flow?

P3 Magnetize! Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Magnetic Strength

Solve puzzles and avoid obstacles by using magnets to escape each room!

Learning objectives:

  • What are the different kinds of magnets?

  • What is the strength of a magnet?

  • How do we determine the strength of a magnet?

Magnet Climb.gif
Topic: Making Magnets

Learn how magnets are made and collect magnetic objects. Climb through different levels!

Learning objectives:

  • How are magnets made?

  • What is the stroke method?

  • What is the electric method?

P3 Creature Crafters Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Characteristics of Animals

Craft animals by choosing the correct characteristics they have before the timer runs out!

Learning objectives:

  • How are animals classified?

  • What are the different groups of animals?

  • What are the different parts of animal?

Creature Crafters Game Title.png
Boomy Magnets Game Title.png
P4 Boomy Magnets Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Uses of Magnets

Launch objects based on their magnet's everyday uses and collect coins to gain a higher score

Learning objectives:

  • How are magnets useful?

  • What objects use a magnet?

  • What are the everyday uses of magnets?

P4 Heat Hero Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Expansion and Contraction

Use your powers to complete heroic tasks to unlock new ares, each with unique puzzles and citizens in need of help!

Learning objectives:

  • What is expansion and contraction?

  • How does it affect our daily lives?

  • What are some everyday uses of heat energy? 

Heat Hero Game title.png
P5 Pollibee Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Pollination

Play as a busy bee, collecting pollen and pollinating other flowers in a whole new adventure!

Learning objectives:

  • What are flowering plants?

  • How do plants reproduce?

  • How does pollination happen?

P6 Chew Chain Video Trailer.gif
Topic: How animals obtain energy

Grow and gather food for different types of animals within the time limit!

Learning objectives:

  • What is our main source of energy?

  • How do plants and animals get energy?

  • What are the processes plants and animals use to get energy?

  • How are animals classified based on the food they eat?

Chew Chain_Title.png
Garden Hunt_Title.png
P5 Garden Hunt Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Dispersal of Fruits & Seeds

Help fruits and seeds by catching and dispersing as many as you can within the time limit!

Learning objectives:

  • How are fruits and seeds dispersed?

  • Why do seeds need to be dispersed

  • Different characteristics of dispersed fruit & seeds

P6 Kinetic Splash Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Kinetic Energy

Ride through waters collecting batteries to power your boat and answer questions by going through gates!

Learning objectives:

  • What is kinetic energy?

  • What has kinetic energy?

  • How is kinetic energy affected?How is energy converted?

Kinetic Splash_Title.png
Water State Maze Title.png
P5 Water State Maze Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Changes in state of water

Play as a water droplet, changing into different states by gaining or losing heat to escape the maze!

Learning objectives:

  • What are the different states of water?

  • How does water change its state?

  • At what temperature does water change its state?

P6 Power Slash Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Sources of Energy

Explore the lands and knock down monsters to obtain various sources of energy!

Learning objectives:

  • What are different sources of energy?

  • What are different uses of energy?

Power Slash Title.png
Aqua Cleanup Crew_Title.png
P5 Aqua Cleanup Crew Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Impact of Water Pollution

Pick up litter, oil spills and replant trees to get points in each area to help stop water pollution!

Learning objectives:

  • What is the impact of pollution on the Earth's water?

  • How is water important to humans?

  • How is water important to plants

P6 Spring Smashers Video Trailer.gif
Topic: Elastic Spring Force

Use springs to jump through platforms and break through walls to explore each kingdom. Gather keys and defeat each boss!

Learning objectives:

  • What is Elastic spring force?

  • How do springs work?

Spring Smashers_Title.png

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