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About Us

We started in 2019 as tutors teaching Primary School Science. We realised that it is tough to engage kids with traditional methods.

So we started designing educational games to teach Science instead. With our Science games, kids no longer have to choose between assessment books and game time.


Learn science with our Roblox Science games that kids love.

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Our mission is to make learning fun for every child

"Before Ottodot, we wondered why so many kids dread homework and find learning a chore. We discovered that we can make learning as fun as video games. How? By weaving educational content with the game mechanics that kids love.

With our Science games, kids no longer have to choose between assessment books and game time. 

Every child has an amazing imagination and a deep capacity to learn. We want every child to love learning, and be confident in their own learning abilities. 

The right mindset to learn will set them up for life, not just school."

Khor Le Yi & Lei Wong Lei, Co-Founders of Ottodot

How we are accomplishing our mission


Children worldwide have played our games


Learning retention, Hence less likely to make the same mistakes again


growth in subscribers every month


Ottodot Learning Approach

Make it fun

If kids can find learning and revision as fun as video games, they will be doing so on their own. That's why we weave educational content with different game mechanics that kids love.


We work with kids through regular game testing sessions to make sure our games are fun for them.


Immediate learning feedback

Kids are great at learning how to play games. That's because they can make mistakes and get immediate feedback on what to do and what not to do.


We design our games so that kids can make mistakes and learn right away from their mistakes. Then they'll be able to complete a game level and unlock the next level.


Empower parents

It can feel like you're learning a smartphone for the first time for many parents when it comes to games. We make it easy for you.


Track your child's learning progress on your phone with our web portal. Read through our colourful educational guides with your child.


Bond with your child.

Ottodot's C.V.S.R framework

Our C.V.S.R framework targets the core issues causing students to face challenges in science OEQs.


We nurture your child's science skills like a sturdy tree with four essential components:

cvsr framework.png

🌱 Solid Conceptual Understanding: The strong roots of knowledge.

📚 Good Command of Science Vocabulary: The leaves that capture and express ideas.

⚙️ Strong Science Skills: The trunk that anchors the student

🧩 Ability to Relate Science Concepts to Observations: The branches connecting concepts learned and the observations made.

Master Science with Ottodot Science Tuition

⭐  Learn with Ottodot Certified Teachers
⭐  Visualise experiments with Roblox simulations

⭐  Weekly online classes for Primary 1 to 6 students

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