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Every kid has an amazing imagination and a deep capacity to learn. We want them to learn creatively and critically, and be confident in their own learning abilities. We believe that the right mindset to learning will set them up for life, not just school. 

We are experts at getting kids excited to learn. Our classroom is a fun and safe space for our students to explore, learn, fail and try again, while discovering their own strengths and weaknesses.








Meet our Founders

Our founders excelled in their studies with the use of resources from schools and from people around them. They took on major exams (O levels and A levels) without seeking external help like Tuition classes. 

The spark of joy and imagination in a kid's eyes pushes me to change the way education is today. I want to inspire these young learners to learn and explore, despite the high stress academic environment we're in. I could not afford any tuition when I was schooling but on hindsight, it was these circumstances that taught me the value of grit and humility. I hope I can help our students develop the passion and determination to work on long term goals, starting from a young age.

Wong Lei

Masters in Technology Management

Bachelor in Engineering Science (Civil Engineering)

NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme 

(Premier Scholars Programme) 

Hwa Chong Institution

O Levels: 9 A1's (English, Higher Chinese, Chinese, Biology, Chemistry, Double Math, Combine Humanities), 1 A2's (Physics)

A Levels: 5 A's (GP, Biology, Math, Chemistry, Economics), 1 B (Project Work), 1 Merit (H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Hi, I’m Le Yi! I love learning and making learning fun. I believe that kids have great ideas and hope they harness their creativity to solve problems in the world. Science to me has always been about discovering the world and making it a better place. And I believe that the best way to learn Science is to bring the world of exploration to kids and let them learn for themselves.

Le Yi

Masters in Technology Management

Bachelor in Engineering Science (Computer Science)

NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme 

(Premier Scholars Programme) 

Temasek Junior College

O Levels: 6 A1's (Triple Science, Double Math, Combine Humanities), 2 A2's (Languages)

A Levels: 6 A's (Physics, Math, Chemistry, Economics, Chinese, Project Work), 1 B (GP)