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What is Singapore Science?

The Singapore Science Curriculum is developed by Singapore's Ministry of Education for Singapore public schools.


The curriculum focuses on the mastery of core scientific concepts to prepare students for scientific studies at higher grade levels.

Focuses in depth on core scientific concepts

Instead of covering a large number of topics, the Singapore Science Curriculum emphasizes the teaching of a focused set of basic science content.


This allows students to explore and master core scientific concepts in depth.

An overview of core scientific concepts taught in the topic of "Diversity of Materials"

Coherent transition from simple to more complex science content

As a result of the large number of topics prescribed, teachers run through science content in school without establishing relationships between different topics.


Instead of teaching topics as isolated blocks of knowledge, a core body of concepts in both the life and physical sciences are organized as themes in the Singapore Science curriculum. Students learn to appreciate the links between different themes and topics.

An overview of scientific themes in the Singapore Science Curriculum

A spiral approach

Scientific concepts are revisited at different levels and with increasing depth in the Singapore Science Curriculum.


Students are able to learn scientific concepts and skills at a pace where it matches their cognitive development.


This spiral approach also helps students build upon their existing understanding of concepts and facilitates a gradual mastery. of skills.

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