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Learn Science With Our Roblox Games That Kids Really Love

Instead of using assessment books, reinforce what your child is learning in school with games.

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Reinforce learnings in school with games

Does your kid love Roblox? It is hard to prevent kids from accessing games, and even harder to control how much they play. Why not steer them towards something educational?

Our Science games are designed based on the MOE Science syllabus. Each game teaches a different science topic. 

Instead of using assessment books, reinforce what your child is learning in school with games that they love.


Each game teaches one science topic with 10-20 game levels that go from easy to difficult. Learn about Matter, Materials, Heat and more. 


We offer an educational guide for every game. Reinforce the science concepts you learned in the game with our educational guides.

View a catalogue of our games here.

No Downloads needed

You don't have to download any new apps.


Sign up for a parent account on our website, and your child can play directly on their Roblox app using their phone, iPad or laptop.

Monitor their progress on your phone easily using our parent website. 

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How it works

Step 1

Sign up for a parent account on our website.

Step 2

Get your child's game pin.

Step 3

Enter your child's game pin to start playing!

We have a step-by-step guide with screenshots for you to follow too.

Get 1 new game every month

Cancel anytime.

“I signed up and my son really enjoys the games. He learns something through the games he likes to play."

Daniel Chong

"When my son hears 'revise science' he turns off right away. But when he sees that it is in the form of Roblox, he’s willing to do it."

Michelle Lim

"My daughter loves playing the games and she's learning science too! I just let her play while I do chores."

Shirley Tan

  • What are your science games like?
    Our science games are designed based on Singapore's MOE science syllabus. Your child can play at home, at their own pace. Each game has different games levels that go from easy to hard. Find out more about our games here.
  • What primary school level is this suitable for?
    Our Roblox games and learning content is designed primarily for P3 and P4 students. Each game teaches a different science topic in the P3 and P4 MOE science syllabus such as animal life cycle, heat, magnets, etc. We'll be releasing P5 and P6 science content in January 2024.
  • How will my child play your games?
    After you've signed up, get your child's game pin on the parent portal, go to Ottoworld Mastery Mode and enter your game pin on the lobby to start playing!​ To see a more detailed guide, click here.
  • How do kids learn in your games?
    We get the kids to do science MCQ but they don't realize it. Instead of ticking the correct answer, they have to jump onto the correct answer. You can watch this 30s video to find out more:
  • How does my child earn Robux? Can my child use the Robux in other games?
    Your child can redeem Robux prizes by completing different learning tasks every month. They can use the Robux they redeem in any game on Roblox.
  • Can I still access the games after one month?
    Yes! You'll be able to access all the games you've received as long as your subscription is still active.
  • When will I be charged after the free trial ends?
    You would be charged 7 days after your free trial ends, starting from the day you signed up.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription on the parent portal. Login with your account. Then, click on "Profile" > "Membership" > "Cancel".
  • Where can I ask more questions?
    Message us on Facebook or on Whatsapp at (+65) 8753 2961.
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