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Master OEQs

With Ottodot's C.V.S.R framework, empowers your child to:


🌿 Make specific observations and express them clearly

🌳 Relate the right science concept to the observations made

📝 Use precise science vocabulary with confidence.

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Why do students score poorly for open-ended science questions?


Students often struggle with open-ended questions (OEQs). On the surface, it seems that students struggle because they don't know the answering techniques and they don't use keywords.


However, these challenges only hint at deeper root problems.


Many students lack a solid grasp of certain topics. This means they tend to get confused by a new type of question. When it comes to relating a correct science concept to the observation, they lack a concept bank to draw on.


The lack of answering techniques could be due to several root problems like not knowing how to read and interpret data and not knowing how to make specific comparisons etc.


To help your child excel in OEQs, you need to address these root problems.

Ottodot's C.V.S.R framework

Our C.V.S.R framework targets the core issues causing students to face challenges in science OEQs.


We nurture your child's science skills like a sturdy tree with four essential components:

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🌱 Solid Conceptual Understanding: The strong roots of knowledge.

📚 Good Command of Science Vocabulary: The leaves that capture and express ideas.

⚙️ Strong Science Skills: The trunk that anchors the student

🧩 Ability to Relate Science Concepts to Observations: The branches connecting concepts learned and the observations made.


Master Science with our Roblox Science games

Help your child develop deep conceptual understanding and master OEQs.

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