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We will cease all our Science classes by 31 December 2019.

Hi everyone,

This is Wong Lei, co-founder of Ottodot.

I have always believed that all kids can achieve great results. A really affirming moment came when one of our students scored 80 out of 100 for his SA2.

A huge jump for this amazing student, because he had scored 46 out of 100 before he joined us. In just 6 lessons, his confidence soared and so did his learning capability.

We have seen so much magic in our classrooms. Our students could articulate their thoughts clearly as they had fun recording themselves in videos.

This translated to their Paper 2 results. Some scored 40 out of 44.

It was really deeply humbling for us to facilitate the growth of so many young and bright minds. However, it's an exciting new chapter for us!

We will cease all our Science classes by 31 December 2019.

We will be launching our digital platform - a social video learning platform for kids, in April 2020. Help your kids learn better by making videos. 

With this, we will cease all our offline classes by 31 December. We continue to send you Science revision guides and other useful learning content. You can also access our open-ended questions worksheets online.

Our education system has been limiting the true learning potential of kids. Just picture this, what results can your child get if they are super enthusiastic about learning.

Join us in unlocking the true learning potential of your child. 


Lei Wong Lei

Co-founder, Ottodot

22 November 2019