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Top 5 YouTube Channels for Kids in Singapore

Here are 5 YouTube Channels in Singapore that we recommend you watch with your child.

From watching toy unboxing videos to funny parodies, our kids are spending a lot of time on YouTube. How can we make sure there is more learning value in what they are watching?

1. Our Grandfather Story 


Logo from

The local team behind Our Grandfather Story has posted 300 over videos. These videos are essentially 3–5 min documentaries based on ordinary people around us. Has your child ever wondered where the ice cream man gets his ice cream, or what a Pulau Ubin crab hunter does for a living? Hope they can ignite the curiosity in both you and your child!

  • Where Does The Ice Cream Man Get His Ice Cream

  • The Pulau Ubin Crab Hunter

2. Ottodot


Ottodot's Logo

What does your child want to become when he or she grows up? Catch talk show style videos hosted by our own Singaporean primary school students. They interview doctor, chef and a beer brewer and ask them some very curious questions, like “can you use sparkling water to make beer?”

  • Kids Interview A Beer Brewer

  • Kids Meet A Doctor And Talk About Death

3. Playtime TV



Playtime TV is hosted by Singapore’s top influencer Jianhao Tan and Cindy who is only eight years old. In addition to unboxing videos, you can also watch how Cindy tries to learn how to make breakfast. Their videos are definitely entertaining.

  • Kid Learns to Make Breakfast

  • Kid Learns Balinese Dancing

4. CNA Insider 


Logo from Channel News Asia

We might think that CNA videos are too serious for kids but you’ll be surprised. You can watch how a 3-year-old went shopping at the wet market on his own and be surprised by how well he could actually do that. They also posted a video on life as international students at local primary schools in Singapore. Check it out here!

  • 3-Year-Old Goes Wet Market Shopping On His Own

  • Life As An International Student At A Singapore Primary School



Alright, this is not a channel from Singapore. But if your child loves Science, you should definitely watch this channel with him or her. With 8.9 million subscribers, AsapScience’s tagline is “Making Science make sense”. You can find videos that answer all kinds of interesting questions like “what if you sleep 2 hours less every night” and “what if you stopped eating”. With each video only about 3 to 5 minutes long, you’ll definitely be learning cool Science facts with your child!

  • What If You Sleep 2 Hours Less Every Night?

  • What If You Stopped Eating?

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