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Revision Guide - Diversity (P3/P4)

Diversity is the introductory topic for science, but students are easily confused with the concepts and struggle with specific question types.

This topic is fundamental to understand other topics, that's why it's so important to nail it down.

This diversity revision guide contains key concepts, addresses common misconceptions, and teaches students how to nail flowchart questions!



Key content includes:

1) Useful list of classifications — a comprehensive list which covers the entire topic

2) Differentiating factors — useful knowledge for acing questions



One common misconception is:

"Plants cannot move. Hence, they are non-living things."

This is false! Plants can respond to changes and move their parts. One example is the mimosa plant. When you touch its leaves, they will close.

More misconceptions will be addressed in the guide.



Flowchart questions can be confusing to navigate. The guide introduces a 3-Step process to understand and ace flowchart questions! Additional practices are included.


To find out more misconceptions that students commonly have, as well as useful information to tackle the topic of diversity, download the guide here:

diversity revision guide
Download PDF • 12.40MB

Let us know how can we improve our guides! Leave your comments for us :)

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