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How can you help your child retain what he has learned better?

Our solution to that is to use hands-on activities to engage our students, allowing them to visualise abstract science concepts. We found that more than half of our students improve their topical quiz scores in just one class!

We all have our own learning style. Some of us are visual learners - drawing up mind-maps to connect different concepts may help us learn better. Some of us might be auditory learners. You prefer reading out notes and explanations. Some of us might be kinesthetic learners. We need to feel and touch objects, and manipulate them in order to learn and process complex information.

It might be helpful to understand what kind of learner your child is, for him or her to learn in a way that is more natural and intuitive.

While we might wish for our schools to be able to cater to different kinds of learning styles, it's incredibly difficult for teachers to do so in a classroom of 30 students. So if you think your child is more of a kinesthetic learner, you could set up hands-on activities for him or her to visualise certain science concepts.

To help you, we have come up with a guide with hands-on activities categorised by the concepts covered in the topic. You can also use our suggested prompting questions, some of which are based on exam questions, to check if your child has any misconception.

Most importantly, encourage them to articulate their reasoning. This helps them develop their logical thinking as well as their communication skills!

Download it here!

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