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Grade 1 - 6
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Singapore MOE Science Syllabus

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living things vs non-living things - icon.png

Living Vs Non-living Things

Topic: Animals

Concept: Differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive

Deadly reactions - icon.png

Deadly Reactions

Topic: Animals

Concept: What is the life cycle of a frog/butterfly/beetles/ grasshoppers/chicken?

Hatch the turtles - icon.png

Hatch The Turtle

Topic: Animals

Concept: Effect of temperature changes on animal populations?

Plant a Desert - icon.png

Plant a Desert

Topic: Plants

Concept: Plants need water and light to grow

Seed hunt - icon.png

Seed Hunt

Topic: Plants

Concept: Some seeds are dispersed by wind

which is who - icon.png

Which is Who?

Topic: Animals

Concept: What animals have similar external and internal structures? 

Herd the Animals_ Sea - icon.png

Herd The Animals

Topic: Animals

Concept: Different animals live in different habitats. Each habitat has its distinct group of animals that live there.

Crumbling glaciers - icon.png

Crumbling Glaciers

Topic: Animals

Concept: Effect of temperature changes on habitat

Flower scramble - icon.png

Flower Scramble

Topic: Plants

Concept: What are the stages in the life cycle of a flowering plant?

Pond Escape.png

Pond Escape

Topic: Plants

Concept: Aquatic plants grow in water and they can be quite different from common land plants

x-ray machine - icon.png

X-Ray Machine

Topic: Animals

Concept: What are internal and external structures?

Invasive species .png

Invasive Species

Topic: Animals

Concept: What are environmental changes that cause problems for some organisms?

Lions vs deers - icon.png

Lions VS Deers

Topic: Animals

Concept: Why do animals form groups? What are the benefits?

Pollen survival - icon.png

Pollen Survival

Topic: Plants

Concept: Animals help with pollination by collecting the pollen grains.

Shake the tree - icon.png

Shake the Tree

Topic: Plants

Concept: Trees in temperate forests drop their leaves in autumn to minimize the water loss in winter.

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