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Ottoworld is an educational open world roleplay game filled with different minigames to play!

🌐 Open map for you to explore!

🎮 Play games within the game!

🛸 See the retro future Sci-Fi Hubworld!

🌴 Sight see in the lush Jungle Hubworld!

🤹‍♂️ Put on costumes and roleplay!

Current minigames

Thumbnail 2.png

🐊 Parkour Rangers in Jungle Hubworld 🐊

Obby, collect, and answer trivia questions to save the animals!

Fusion Force thumbnail V1 - with title.png

💥 Fusion Force in Sci-Fi Hubworld 💥


Keep the Sun burning by pulling and shooting atoms to save the world!

Other Games


Save The Animals1.png

Ottoworld: Save The Animals

Exploring materials


Ottoworld: Leaky Boat

Multiplication & Division

thumbnail 2.png

Ottoworld: Math Survivor

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Calling all 7 - 12 years olds

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Join us as a game tester and build a science game with us!

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