Nanogame Competition

Nanogame Competition - IG Post.png

Do you love to play roblox games? Always wanted to make your own games but find it too difficult? 

Here’s a chance to bring your game idea to life! 

Submit your best nanogame ideas for Ottoworld.


The three best nanogame ideas will be selected and be featured in our educational Roblox game, Ottoworld. Your nanogame will be played by thousands of players.


Winners will also win a $50 Roblox gift card.

What is Ottoworld? 


Ottoworld is an educational open world roleplaying game filled with different minigames to play. The game has more than 656,000 visits and about 8000 active players daily.



Current minigames:
🐊  Parkour Rangers in Jungle Hubworld 🐊
Obby, collect, and answer trivia questions to save the animals!

💥 Fusion Force in Sci-Fi Hubworld 💥
Keep the Sun burning by pulling and shooting atoms to save the world!

Play the game here.

What is a nanogame?

A nanogame is smaller than a minigame in Ottoworld. We define it as a game that is 30s or shorter, and yet it still teaches players cool science concepts.

What are the rules?

  • Your nanogame idea must be playable in 30s or shorter. 

  • Your game should fit well into Ottoworld. You can identify where in Ottoworld you’d like to have your game featured by taking screenshots.

  • Your game should require a maximum of 2-3 props e.g. flower/star props. 

  • Your game should teach players cool science concepts about the Earth-Sun-Moon system, space, animals or plants. 


Submit your game idea in the form of images or videos before 16 January 2022 2359 (PT).


You can choose to draw or use paper cuttings to showcase your idea. We recommend using a video to explain how the game works.


We’re looking for game prototypes and not super fancy games. So get your prototyping hats on!