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Master Science with our Roblox Science games

Designed with experienced MOE teachers

For Primary 1 to 6 students

Do your kids find science challenging? Do they struggle with open-ended questions (OEQs)?

Meet Ottodot 👋 we help students develop deep conceptual understanding and master OEQs.

About Ottodot

Ottodot is an EdTech company that uses Roblox to create educational science experiences for P1 to P6 students or kids aged 6-12. We offer Roblox Science games based on Singapore MOE Science syllabus and are designed to help kids learn science concepts in a fun way. Ottodot is supported by Enterprise SG and Temasek Foundation.

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Develop deep conceptual understanding with games

Targets common conceptual errors

Every game teaches a single topic to help students master every Science topic.


We work with experienced MOE teachers to identify common conceptual errors.


In our games, students are exposed to the correct science vocabulary and engage in learning cycles to rectify common misconceptions.

Mastering concepts through kinesthetic learning

Our games bring concepts to life with interactive experiences and instant feedback.


This helps students remember concepts more effectively. This is the magic of kinesthetic learning.

Topical revision notes

Every game includes topical review notes to assist students in building a strong grasp of the concepts.

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Track learning progress

You don't have to download any new apps.


Sign up for a parent account on our website, and your child can play directly on their Roblox app using their phone, iPad or laptop.

Monitor their progress on your phone easily using our parent website. 

Exam Question Masterclass

Master exam questions through weekly classes taught by Ottodot Certified Teachers

Designed with Ottodot's C.V.S.R Framework

Visualise open-ended questions (OEQs) through games

Many students find OEQ challenging because they struggle to imagine OEQ experiments. Our games help students visualise these experiments and improve their ability to answer OEQs.

Master science vocabulary

Through our games, students are regularly introduced to science keywords related to the topic.


This helps students get comfortable with these terms and retain them.

Master answering techniques

Answering OEQs can be challenging for many students due to a lack of essential science skills, such as reading data, drawing comparisons, and relating the right science concept to an observation.


Our games systematically guide them through mastering each of these science skills, ensuring they can confidently tackle various types of OEQs.

Can video games actually improve exam results?

More than 70% of kids in Singapore play video games every week. Playing video games isn't an activity usually connected to learning.


But more and more studies have shown that when games are mixed with education, it can motivate students and make their school performance better. This is especially true for students who used to do poorly.

3 ways to improve your child's science results


Ex-MOE teacher, 7 years of experience

Masters in Science

Learn about 3 ways to improve your child's science results.

How games help to motivate students


Ex-MOE curriculum resource developer,

Ex MOE teacher, 10 years of experience

"Games give students the repetition they need without compromising on learning quality."

Kids learn 23% better through games than traditional methods

A 2023 study revealed games can accelerate learning by 2 full school years. Read research paper here.

Score band 1 in Science

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20+ Roblox Science Games

Once you sign up, Over 20+ games inspired by the MOE Science syllabus await, all crafted with the expertise of experienced MOE teachers.


With two new additions every month, your curiosity will never wane. From strategizing in Tower Defense to acing Obbies (Obstacle Courses), Solving intricate Puzzles to sprinting in Arcade Runners, there’s a scientific twist to every genre!

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Choose your Plan




billed yearly

Unlimited access to:

Concept Mastery Games

Topical Revision notes

Tournaments with live teachers

Tournament slides

Win Robux tournament prizes

You will only be charged at the end of the 7-day trial starting today

Scholar (Plus)



billed yearly

Unlimited access to:

Concept Mastery Games

Topical Revision notes

Tournaments with live teachers

Tournament slides

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Redeem up to 100 Robux/month
*Redemption only available for paying users

You will only be charged at the end of the 7-day trial starting today




billed quarterly

Weekly OEQ Masterclass

Direct teacher engagement

Classes guided by Ottodot Certified Teacher

Unlimited access to:

Concept Mastery Games

Topical Revision notes

Tournaments with live teachers

Tournament slides

Win Robux tournament prizes

Multiple Children?

30% off for every additional child account

Join 500+ other learners

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Origin Innovation Awards 2020
  • What are your science games like?
    Our science games are designed based on Singapore's MOE science syllabus. Your child can play at home, at their own pace. Each game has different games levels that go from easy to hard. Find out more about our games here.
  • What primary school level is this suitable for?
    Our Roblox games and learning content is designed primarily for P3 and P4 students. Each game teaches a different science topic in the P3 and P4 MOE science syllabus such as animal life cycle, heat, magnets, etc. We'll be releasing P5 and P6 science content in January 2024.
  • How will my child play your games?
    After you've signed up, get your child's game pin on the parent portal, go to Ottoworld Mastery Mode and enter your game pin on the lobby to start playing!​ To see a more detailed guide, click here.
  • How do kids learn in your games?
    We get the kids to do science MCQ but they don't realize it. Instead of ticking the correct answer, they have to jump onto the correct answer. You can watch this 30s video to find out more:
  • How does my child earn Robux? Can my child use the Robux in other games?
    Your child can redeem Robux prizes by completing different learning tasks every month. They can use the Robux they redeem in any game on Roblox.
  • Can I still access the games after one month?
    Yes! You'll be able to access all the games you've received as long as your subscription is still active.
  • When will I be charged after the free trial ends?
    You would be charged 7 days after your free trial ends, starting from the day you signed up.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel your subscription on the parent portal. Login with your account. Then, click on "Profile" > "Membership" > "Cancel".
  • Where can I ask more questions?
    Message us on Facebook or on Whatsapp at (+65) 8753 2961.
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