100+ GAMES TO TEACH K-5 science

Make standards-aligned learning fun for your students in elementary school. Assign minigames as homework in just 3 clicks.


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Aligned to Standards and common core

We cover science content from 1st to 5th grade, all aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and common core curriculum.

Prep in minutes, not hours

Engagement in learning is a pre-requisite, not a luxury. We help teachers do this effortlessly.

Assign minigames as homework in just 3 clicks.

Teachers choose games

Minigames are sorted by topic and concept

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Students enter game pin

All your students need is a link and game pin to start

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Teachers track learning

Identify students who are lagging behind at one glance. As they play, student data appears in your teacher dashboard.

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Our Library Of Games

living things vs non-living things - icon.png

Living Vs Non-living Things

Topic: Animals

Concept: Differences between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive

Deadly reactions - icon.png

Deadly Reactions

Topic: Animals

Concept: What is the life cycle of a frog/butterfly/beetles/ grasshoppers/chicken?

which is who - icon.png

Which is Who?

Topic: Animals

Concept: What animals have similar external and internal structures? 

Herd the Animals_ Sea - icon.png

Herd The Animals

Topic: Animals

Concept: Different animals live in different habitats. Each habitat has its distinct group of animals that live there.

x-ray machine - icon.png

X-Ray Machine

Topic: Animals

Concept: What are internal and external structures?

Invasive species .png

Invasive Species

Topic: Animals

Concept: What are environmental changes that cause problems for some organisms?

and many more...

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