What is Ottodot and how does it work?

Ottodot is an online learning platform that makes learning Science fun and interactive for P3-6 students. Our mission is to nurture kids to be curious and confident learners. At Ottodot, we promote different ways of learning in order to cater to the needs of different learners. Our journeys are crafted such that every child will find a method that is best suited for their learning. Missions allow students to tackle open-ended questions and compare their answers to their peers. Videos on different topics are also available, which includes skills on how to answer open-ended questions. We also have an interactive element on our platform, whereby we get students to video themselves explaining their answers for different questions.

What does the free trial account offer?

The free trial account only offers access to selected journeys. These are normally basic questions from a few topics. It allows you to get a taste of what Ottodot has to offer before you decide to go further with us! Sign up now to get started today!

How much is the monthly fee?

Anyone can create an account for free! However, you will only get to experience selected missions, journeys and videos that Ottodot has to offer. For the full experience, we are currently offering access to premium content for only $20/month (U.P. $100/month). Click here to find out more.

What type of questions do we offer?

For now, we only offer open-ended questions as we believe that it is a bigger struggle for many of our students out there. If your child finds it too difficult to attempt open-ended questions right from the start, they can look through our topical revision guides (available for several topics) first! It will help them understand the concepts needed to go through the missions on our platform. Furthermore, we do have videos that will help your child understand concepts better, especially for visual learners out there!

What support do we offer as a community?

We have a Telegram group chat that allows students to ask questions and receive real-time help from their peers or teachers from Ottodot. It creates a sense of communal learning as students not only benefit from the questions they ask, as they can learn from questions posed by their peers as well. We will also put up revision guides and challenges on our group chat as a way to motivate students and supplement their learning. Join our community now!

Frequently Asked Questions