Turn Roblox time into Science time

Earn Robux for solving science challenges

Science time is fun when questions become obstacles to jump across and missions to complete! 
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Start your child's Science journey today and watch them tackle science questions by adventuring.

Earn Robux for solving science challenges

Epic Science Challenges

In our curriculum-aligned science games, questions become obstacles to jump across. 


Children can complete up to 30 science questions in 3 minutes in our games.

Track Learning Progress

Track your child's learning progress as they play. 


See their mastery for science topics like Animals, Plants, Electricity, Matter and many more.

Earn Robux

Set specific learning goals for your child. 


Reward your child for achieving challenging goals. 

What others say


My daughter plays Roblox every day. It's great now that some of her Roblox time is educational. I get to see what she's up to in the game and talk to her about it during dinner.


Love hearing her talk about what she learned!

Dawn Abbott

Mum of a 7 years old girl


There are a million games my kids can mindlessly play. He and I both would so prefer him to learn while he does it.


I’m going to make sure more of our friends here about this game too. 

Jeff Jachmann

Dad of a 9 year old boy

Only at S$13/month

Joined 4,100 other children playing and learning daily