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Master Science with  Ottodot Science Tuition

Aligned to the Singapore MOE Science Syllabus

For Primary 1 to 6 students

⭐  Learn with Ottodot Certified Teachers
⭐  Master the 3 critical skills to score AL1

⭐  Weekly online classes for Primary 1 to 6 students

Limited Time Offer

$25 for the first class

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Science can be very challenging

Just knowing the concepts barely get you a passing grade.

To score AL1, your child has to master 3 key skills

You need to score at least 90 marks out of 100 marks to get AL1

Our online classes uses GAMES to equip your child with the critical skills to required to ace Science.

Literacy Skills

We nurture visual literacy, teaching kids to read simple charts before tackling complex diagrams.

Our classes boost science literacy through games and lessons that grow with your child. Starting with fun vocabulary games and clear lessons, kids move from basic science words to advanced terms.

Our interactive OEQ games guide students in writing, from filling in blanks to crafting full paragraphs. It's a seamless journey to clear scientific thinking and communication.

Inquiry Skills

Our classes build students' inquiry skills step by step. First, they learn to remember and explain ideas and spot patterns. Next, they progress to analyzing parts of information and applying it in new ways. In advanced levels, they learn to evaluate their findings, invent solutions, and draw smart conclusions from data.


With interactive activities, teacher-guided discussions, and our science games, kids practice these inquiry skills, becoming confident learners.

Conceptual Understanding

Our classes use engaging 20-minute game sessions to help students truly grasp science concepts.

Our Roblox Science games are designed to align with the Singapore MOE syllabus. Students can interactively experience topics like heat transfer and the circulatory system. This hands-on learning enhances their understanding of how science works.

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How our online classes work


Google Meet

*similar to zoom

(max.) 8 Students

Class Size


1 hour per lesson

20 mins of hands-on 

Learning with Games


Lesson Schedule

Message us for the lesson schedule

Track your child's progress

Reports will be sent to you every month.


Join 500+ other learners

Limited Time Offer

$25 for the first class

Get this special deal

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Monthly Plan

Weekly online classes for Primary 1 to 6 students


SGD $240/month

Access to full library of Science games

Topical revision notes

Weekly online classes

Homework assignments

Billed monthly

1 month security deposit needed

Limited Time Offer

$25 for the first class

Get this special deal

Master these 3 skills to score AL1!

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Science competitions using our Roblox Science games

Can't get enough of our games? Need more of a challenge? Join our competitions and test your Science knowledge against other students!

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2022 Southeast Asia Edtech 50 Holon IQ
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Origin Innovation Awards 2020
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